The Most Beautiful Equation of Math: Euler’s Identity

February 18, 2014Article61003 vuesEdit

In 1988, Euler’s identity was elected most beautiful theorem of mathematics. It has been widely taught worldwide. But have you ever stopped to really sense the meaning of this incredible formula? This article does.

The Beauty of Ellipses, Parabolas and Hyperbolas

July 22, 2013Article40279 vuesEdit

The conic sections, that is, ellipses, parabolas and hyperbolas, are too often presented analytically. Yet, their amazing beauty is actually their spectacular geometry, as well as their omnipresence! This article presents plenty of illustrative descriptions of their uncountable applications!

The Amazing Physics of Water in Trees

April 15, 2013Article33155 vuesEdit

As explained by Derek Muller on Veritasium, the flow of water in trees involves complex physical phenomena including pressure, osmosis, negative pressure, capillarity and evapotranspiration. What seems simple will blow your mind!

Shannon’s Information Theory

March 17, 2013Article31431 vuesEdit

Claude Shannon may be considered one of the most influential person of the 20th Century, as he laid out the foundation of the revolutionary information theory. Yet, unfortunately, he is virtually unknown to the public. This article is a tribute to him. And the best way I’ve found is to explain some of the brilliant ideas he had.

Entropy and the Second Law of Thermodynamics

October 15, 2013Article20747 vuesEdit

The second law of thermodynamics is my favorite law in physics, mainly because of the troubling puzzles it raises! Indeed, what your professors may have forgotten to tell you is that this law connects today’s world to its first instant, the Big Bang! Find out why!

Primal and Dual Simplex Methods

June 23, 2012Article16105 vuesEdit

The simplex method is one of the major algorithm of the 20th century, as it enables the resolution of linear problems with millions of variables. An intuitive approach is given. But that’s not all. We present an important variant called the dual simplex. Finally, we’ll explain its main default, that is, when facing degeneracy.

Duality in Linear Programming

June 23, 2012Article16024 vuesEdit

Duality in linear programming yields plenty of amazing results that help understand and improve algorithms of resolution. This article shows the construction of the dual and its interpretation, as well as major results. In particular, matching of primal and dual bases will be dealt, before presenting the issue of degeneracy and its dual interpretation.

The Addictive Mathematics of the 2048 Tile Game

June 04, 2014Article14207 vuesEdit

2048 is the Internet sensation of the year. This very addictive game has been downloaded hundred of millions of times. Interestingly, this game raises plenty of intriguing mathematical questions. This article unveils some of them!

The Revolutionary Galois Theory

January 05, 2014Article13830 vuesEdit

In 1832, Évariste Galois died. He was 20. The night before his death, he wrote a legendary letter to his friend, in which he claims to have found a mathematical treasure! Sadly, this treasure had long been buried in total indifference! It took nearly a century to rediscover it! Since then, Galois’ legacy has become some of the finest pure mathematics, which represents a hugely active field of research today with crucial applications to cryptography. Galois’ work is now known as Galois theory. In essence, it unveils the hidden symmetries of numbers!

The Thrilling Physics of Resonance

March 03, 2014Article12882 vuesEdit

From the destruction of bridges and buildings to the foundations of electromagnetism and quantum mechanics, through their uses by radios or our ears,resonance is a counter-intuitive underlying phenomenon which shapes our reality. But amazingly, they can be made amazingly visual by playing with head massagers!

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