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The Secretary/Toilet Problem and Online OptimizationLê Nguyên Hoang The Secretary/Toilet Problem and Online Optimization
By Lê Nguyên Hoang | Updated:2015-04 | Views: 1602
A large chunk of applied mathematics has focused on optimizing something with respect to all relevant data. However, in practice, especially in the online world, the data is not available to us, and, yet, we’re still expected to make nearly optimal decisions. This problem is exemplified by the famous secretary problem, where a manager needs to decide to hire candidates right after interviews, even though he has not yet met all the candidates. In this article, we review this classic as well as many very recent developments.
, by Lê Nguyên HoangLê Nguyên Hoang Lê Nguyên Hoang
Math and science popularizer. Postdoc at MIT in Applied Maths.
PhD from Polytechnique Montreal. MS from Polytechnique ParisTech.

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