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The Biology Civil War Opposing Kin to Group Selection

December 09, 2013Article4476 vuesEdit
In 2010, a controversial article published in Nature violently criticized the last 40 years of developments in evolutionary biology, triggering an ongoing war within the scientific community. This article explains the essence of the controversy!

Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

October 29, 2012Article17264 vuesEdit
Darwin's theory of evolution is one of the greatest of all time. It's also one of the most controversial. This article presents the most fundamental concepts of the theory. We'll also provide results of modern science and discuss to which extend to they confirm Darwin's postulates.

Evolutionary Game Theory

July 31, 2012Article6139 vuesEdit
Evolutionary Game Theory is a relatively recent branch of game theory which studies the dynamics of games. Originally used to describe populations of species in biology, and more particularly, the consequences of their interactions to the evolution of their populations, this field now produces interesting results for economic and environmental modelings.