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Mathematical Physics, Determinism, Game of Life (Hiking in Modern Math 6/7)

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Chaos Theory, Meteorology, Navier-Stokes, Wolfram (Hiking in Modern Math 5/7)

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The Magic of Analysis

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This article retraces the endless pursuit of the infinite that is at the basis of mathematical analysis. From the first approximations of pi to the shape of our limitless universe, from the essential usefulness of differential equations to the troubles with infinite sums, we present the great ideas of mathematical geniuses all along History.

The Thrilling Physics of Resonance

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From the destruction of bridges and buildings to the foundations of electromagnetism and quantum mechanics, through their uses by radios or our ears,resonance is a counter-intuitive underlying phenomenon which shapes our reality. But amazingly, they can be made amazingly visual by playing with head massagers!

The Most Beautiful Equation of Math: Euler’s Identity

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In 1988, Euler's identity was elected most beautiful theorem of mathematics. It has been widely taught worldwide. But have you ever stopped to really sense the meaning of this incredible formula? This article does.

The New Big Fish Called Mean-Field Game Theory

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In recent years, at the interface of game theory, control theory and statistical mechanics, a new baby of applied mathematics was given birth. Now named mean-field game theory, this new model represents a new active field of research with a huge range of applications! This is mathematics in the making!

Evolutionary Game Theory

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Evolutionary Game Theory is a relatively recent branch of game theory which studies the dynamics of games. Originally used to describe populations of species in biology, and more particularly, the consequences of their interactions to the evolution of their populations, this field now produces interesting results for economic and environmental modelings.