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The Thrilling Physics of Resonance

March 03, 2014Article19157 vuesEdit
From the destruction of bridges and buildings to the foundations of electromagnetism and quantum mechanics, through their uses by radios or our ears,resonance is a counter-intuitive underlying phenomenon which shapes our reality. But amazingly, they can be made amazingly visual by playing with head massagers!

Does God play dice?

May 28, 2013Article1729 vuesEdit
For Albert Einstein, the answer is no. But what did he mean? Has the greatest theoretical physicist of all time really missed the bandwagon of quantum physics? What are the real issues of the controversy that has opposed him to the Copenhagen School (Bohr, Heisenberg ...)? Back to the physics of the early twentieth century, its history, philosophy and ideas.

The Frontier of Cold: The Quest for Absolute Zero

November 21, 2012Article2481 vuesEdit
While mountaineers aim at tops of mountains, some scientists have sought the bottom of temperature scale with frequent surprising wonders at different scales. This article takes you through these scientists' journey!

The forces of Nature: from Newton to String Theory

September 27, 2012Article3167 vuesEdit
We live in a very complex universe, and as far as one can remember, men have always wanted to know everything about it: where do we come from? what is our world made of? To answer these questions, sciences were developped, and among them, theoretical physics: using mathematics to describe certain aspects of Nature. From […]

Colors: It’s not just about Wavelengths!

July 05, 2012Article7517 vuesEdit
Colours... What are they really? Are there the same for all of us? And for other animals? How does color addition or subtraction work? How do they work on computers? And on printers? The mysterious (but not dark) world of colors is actually very colourful!