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Chaos Theory, Meteorology, Navier-Stokes, Wolfram (Hiking in Modern Math 5/7)

February 21, 2016More Hiking in Modern Math World0 vuesEdit

Complexity Theory, P versus NP, RSA Cryptography (Hiking in Modern Math 2/7)

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Optimization by Integer Programming

September 24, 2013Article8826 vuesEdit
Integer programming is arguably the greatest achievement of applied mathematics. Half of the time, it's what's used to solve real-world problems!

Probabilistic Algorithms, Probably Better

August 31, 2012Article1998 vuesEdit
Probabilities have been proven to be a great tool to understand some features of the world, such as what can happen in a dice game. Applied to programming, it has enabled plenty of amazing algorithms. In this article, we discuss its application to the primality test as well as to face detection. We'll also deal with quantum computers, as well as fundamental computer science open problems P=BPP and NP=BQP.

P versus NP: A Crucial Open Problem

June 28, 2012Article7334 vuesEdit
P=NP is probably today's most crucial open problem. Not only is it a very theoretical question in computer science and mathematics, but it also has major implications to real world. Its resolution could revolutionize the world. This article gives the definition and major results of P=NP.