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Can you “add” colours? Relativity 5

March 24, 2016Relativity0 vuesEdit

Colours and Dimensions

January 08, 2015Article4742 vuesEdit
You've probably learned early on that there are three primary colours. But why three? And why these three? Surprisingly, the answer lies in the beautiful mathematics of linear algebra and (high) dimension spaces!

The Magic of Algebra

September 23, 2014Article3860 vuesEdit
The power of algebra lies in abstraction, and abstraction is basically forgetting. By retracing the History of algebra from its roots to more recent advancements, this article unveils the numerous breakthrough in our understanding of the world, by abusing of the power of forgetting.

Space Deformation and Group Representation

February 22, 2013Article2741 vuesEdit
All along the 20th century, pure algebraists have dug deep into the fundamental structures of mathematics. In this extremely abstract effort, they were greatly help by the possibility of representing these structures by space deformations, which could then be understood much better. This has led to breakthroughs, including the proof of Fermat's las theorem. This article introduces the ideas of group representations.