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Can we measure peace ? The Global Peace Index (GPI)

April 10, 2016Article3174 vuesEdit
When you look at these pictures, what do you think about? Each of these pictures is a symbol of peace, and it is likely that this word will pop up in your mind by looking at one of these pictures – at least. That is true… But beside the word itself, I barely see what […]

Computing Hunger worldwide: the Global Hunger Index (GHI)

April 17, 2014Article624 vuesEdit
The Global Hunger Index was first published in 2006 by the International Food Policy Research Institute and the NGO Welthungerhilfe. In 2007, Concern worldwide joined them. Since then, the Index reports every year the evolution of the hunger situation worldwide and focus on a given topic. How is it calculated? And what is hunger? How are we connected ? What can be done? To learn more, read the article below.

HDI: a measure of human capabilities

September 20, 2012Article6902 vuesEdit
INTRODUCTION What is HDI? A chemical? A Peugeot Citroën engine type? A video connector? Well, it might be. But here – and as in most of economics, sociology, international relations or politics references since 1990 – HDI stands for Human Development Index. Easyyyy, I know what it is. “Human” – I get it – that’s […]