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Shannon’s Information Theory (Trek through Math 5/8)

February 03, 2016A Trek through 20th Century Mathematics0 vuesEdit

Temperature Misconception: Heat is Not How it Feels

October 03, 2014Article3058 vuesEdit
In the last FIFA football world cup, many players complain about Manaus' unbearable heat condition. Yet, the thermometer only went up to 30°C (86°F). Why is that? Well, as it turns out, how you feel is not really the outside temperature. This article unveils many of our deep misconceptions about heat.

Entropy and the Second Law of Thermodynamics

October 15, 2013Article26978 vuesEdit
The second law of thermodynamics is my favorite law in physics, mainly because of the troubling puzzles it raises! Indeed, what your professors may have forgotten to tell you is that this law connects today's world to its first instant, the Big Bang! Find out why!

The Amazing Physics of Water in Trees

April 15, 2013Article65463 vuesEdit
As explained by Derek Muller on Veritasium, the flow of water in trees involves complex physical phenomena including pressure, osmosis, negative pressure, capillarity and evapotranspiration. What seems simple will blow your mind!

The Frontier of Cold: The Quest for Absolute Zero

November 21, 2012Article2481 vuesEdit
While mountaineers aim at tops of mountains, some scientists have sought the bottom of temperature scale with frequent surprising wonders at different scales. This article takes you through these scientists' journey!