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Infinity, Set Theory, Continuum Hypothesis, Incompleteness (Hiking in Modern Math 3/7)

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The Limitless Vertigo of Cantor’s Infinite

January 29, 2015Article4107 vuesEdit
No one believed him. Not even fellow mathematicians. They thought he was wrong. They thought he was crazy. Even he ended up doubting himself and went crazy. And yet, he had mathematically proved it all. Georg Cantor had figured out how to manipulate the infinite. Even more remarkable, he showed that there were actually several infinities; and some are bigger than others!

The Surprising Flavor of Infinite Series

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1+2+4+8+16+...=-1, as proven by Henry Reich on Minute Physics! Now, as a mathematician, I must say that his proof is far from being rigorous. In fact, anyone familiar with the surprising flavor of infinite series should not find it convincing. Surprisingly though, his proof can be rigorously and naturally justified! Find out how!