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What Makes a Published Result Believable?

June 04, 2019Article698 vuesEdit
This article discusses the validity of scientific results.

Don’t heavier objects fall faster? Relativity 12

May 04, 2016Relativity0 vuesEdit

Category Theory, Isomorphism, Functor (More Hiking in Modern Math World 7/7)

March 06, 2016More Hiking in Modern Math World0 vuesEdit

The Most Troubling Experiments on Human Behavior

January 13, 2014Article2698 vuesEdit
We all intuitively think of ourselves as independent creatures with strong free will. However, many disturbing experiments about fashion, conformity, obedience, environment, choice and opinions have been troubling this idea we make of ourselves. These ought to be lessons of humility for all of us.

Beauty, the Driving Force of our Quest for Truth

August 19, 2013Article1804 vuesEdit
According to Matthew Colless, the most important aspect of science is beauty. Not only is it what inspires scientists and their quests, I'd even claim that it's also the compass that guide them in their quests, in a deeper and more surprising way that one can imagine!

Hypothesis Test with Statistics: Get it Right!

May 15, 2013Article4519 vuesEdit
Statistician Johnson recently claimed that up to 25% of published scientific experimental results were just wrong! To see why, let's get to the bottom of the scientific method! And it's probably more complicated than you think. In this article, we apply it rigorously to "prove" $\pi=3$. This will highlight the actually mechanism of the scientific method, its limits, and how much messages of experiments are often deformed!

Model-Dependent Realism

September 04, 2012Article4593 vuesEdit
Introduced by the two renowned theoretical physicists Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinov in their book The Grand Design in 2010, model-dependent realism is a new controversial understanding of the universe. Based on solid logical reasonings and recent developments in physics, this concept may well be an incredible breakthrough for philosophy and science, as well as metaphysics.