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What does E=mc² really mean? Relativity 22

June 12, 2016Relativity0 vuesEdit

Temperature Misconception: Heat is Not How it Feels

October 03, 2014Article3058 vuesEdit
In the last FIFA football world cup, many players complain about Manaus' unbearable heat condition. Yet, the thermometer only went up to 30°C (86°F). Why is that? Well, as it turns out, how you feel is not really the outside temperature. This article unveils many of our deep misconceptions about heat.

Regulation of Electricity Markets

April 14, 2012Article1986 vuesEdit
Electricity markets are not like any markets. In particular, they cannot be liberalized without regulation. In the article, I list the reasons why this market is specific and I conclude by giving you important features of a good regulation.